Some links you may find helpful: 

15 Prospecting Tools To Ignore If You Enjoy Wasting Time (Link

A post discussing different tools for sales prospecting. (Via Yesware) 

How To Craft The Perfect Outreach Email (Link

A very detailed post on how to send a good cold email. (Via Mailshake)

Hemingway App (Link

The best tool I have found for analyzing both short and long blocks of text for readability. If you are trying to write emails that get responses and blog posts that have long session times, you need to use simple language in your writing.

Advice on writing follow ups for sales emails (Link)

An important discussion of the "danger zone" when following up on sales emails. Following up is not only necessary, but essential, however you need to give some thought to your follow up strategy to get the best results. (Via Hubspot and Bryan Kreuzberger)

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