Are you a startup in the agriculture or food technology space interested in growing your business? 

Pat consults with Seed and Series A technology startups as often as time permits and advises on matters related to:

(1) Revenue Growth
(2) Team Growth
(3) Fundraising

Ideal Company Profile: 

Funding Stage:
Seed or Series A
Pre-Revenue to $1M
Team Size: 10-50 FTE
Industries: AgTech, FoodTech, CleanTech

About Pat: 
Over the past decade, Pat has helped scale startup companies from: 

(1) Commercial Growth: 0 to 350+ B2B customers (Specialty Crop Growers) 

(2) Team Growth: 0 -> 100+ employees (Associate, Director, Manager, VP, C-level positions)

(3) Fundraising Growth: $87M+ in venture capital financing. (Series Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C)

Interested to connect and discuss your goals as a business? 

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"Pat helped us refine our sales methodology, and the strategies he recommended have worked well to develop more pipeline and results. I recommend working with Pat to any tech startup working on improving their go to market approach."

Luke Burns
Tendo Technologies


"Pat has been a truly appreciated resource to help me navigate the strategic aspects of fundraising and company growth as a Founder of ALL IN Tech LTD. His real life experience as a successful founder sets him apart from other advisors / consultants in the market.Thanks Pat for being such a great coach and look forward to continue to work with you!"

Lavanya Thomas
CEO, Co-Founder


"Pat shared a set of resources with our team that was a huge help, as we've been formulating our sales strategy and structuring our CRM. I recommend Pat to work with any founder, CEO, or startup working on a go to market plan."

Clay Curran


"Pat is hands down the best lead generator and funnel builder I have met."  

Bernard Lupien, General Partner, Rhapsody Venture Partners


"Our response rate has shot through the roof with the changes you suggested - THANK YOU."  

Prarthana Gupta, Founder and CEO, OrdrSmart


"I worked with Pat while I was developing a pitch deck for raising a seed round, and he gave me constructive feedback and ideas on how to shape my story, I recommend working with Pat to any founder who is raising money and refining their presentation and story to investors."

Cory Henderson, CEO, Co-Founder Biodrive


"Whenever I'm faced with a difficult business decision, I know that I can find a specific and useful answer tailored to my situation, based on founder experience from Pat.

He listens intently, askes concise and relevant questions, and then after taking a moment to think things through, provides highly targeted and thoughtful feedback.

Pat was the co-founder of a fast growing company, and has wisdom that can only be gleaned from being battle tested.

I recently met with Pat where I was seeking guidance for how we should think about expanding our team at Reciprocity and he gave me a bunch of useful guidelines that we've integrated into our process.

If you're a startup founder building a company, 10/10 I would recommend that you talk to Pat."

Chris Powers, Co-Founder, Reciprocity Apps

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